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on location hair stylist in new jersey

Mobile Hair Stylist Services

Blow Out - $ 75

Blow Out + Styling - $95

 Haircut  + Styling - $95 +

What is a traveling hair stylist? 

A traveling hair stylist is exactly that, a hair stylist that will come to you. As a traveling hair stylist in NJ, I will come to your location for all types of hairstyling for both personal and formal events. Save on time and let me come to you. 

What time will the hair stylist arrive at the location to prep?

When you book we will agree on a time and place.

Do you offer group rates for Hair Parties

Special pricing arrangements can be made for groups of  6 and more. 

What is a hair party? 

Hair parties where you can get a haircut or a blowout. Hair parties are where the traveling hairstylist will come to the location and service the guest for their event or night out. Hair parties were invented for bachelorette parties, birthdays, and home pampering.

Gather a group up to 6 people to have their hair cut and styled. At the comfort of your home or location needs to be serviced. Hair paries is a great way to have all the guest relax and enjoy a new makeover and enjoy being pampered. 

At hair parties, you can get to know the stylist and get a good idea what to do for future pampering work. At hair parties, the guests will arrive with already washed hair. I will spray down with water to start a wet cut . after hair is cut we then blow dry and shape hair. if additional tools need to be used we can create silky straight or waves using curling irons and flat irons to complete the look.

What is the difference between a Blowout and Blowout + Styling ?

Blowouts are wet to dry styling with blowdryer and brush, not requiring the use of flat-irons and or curling irons.

Blowouts + Styling is wet to dry styling using blowdryer and a brush that does require the use of flat-irons and or curling irons and heat tools.

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