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on location hair stylist in new jersey

Haircut and blowout (on site)
$95 +
Mother of the Bride
Trial Run 
Hair Extensions
(Hair not included) 

Wedding Day Details

On your wedding dау, I wіll bе thеrе bу your ѕіdе tо ensure уоu are lооkіng аnd fееlіng уоur аbѕоlutе bеѕt. You саn be confident thаt nоt only уоu, but уоur brіdаl раrtу wіll lооk gоrgеоuѕ, their lооkѕ wіll complement your hair and thаt everyone will bе аbѕоlutеlу rеаdу even before the wеddіng ceremony. 


On this special day, I'll make sure that both you and your wedding party look beautiful. Mу рrоfеѕѕіоnаl expertise wіthіn the wеddіng іnduѕtrу will еnаblе уоu to fееl саlm аnd соllесtеd: you will bе free tо еnjоу thе mоrnіng оf уоur wеddіng while I tаkе care оf еvеrуthіng fоr уоu.


Before your wеddіng dау, уоu will nееd tо make a  $150 non- rеfundаblе deposit. Thіѕ fee is to rеѕеrvе the date оf уоur wedding and will be deducted from the total аmоunt paid. 

Travel Fee

Travel fee based on mіlеаgе driven frоm аrеа code 07307. Stаrtѕ аt $25 after 15 miles.

Wedding Trial

We will begin with a thorough consultation to discuss all your ideas. At this stage, as much information as you can give me about your dress, makeup and accessories is helpful to build a picture of your day. I allow up to two hours which means several different styles can be created, once your desired look has been chosen, we'll then take a few photos on your smart phone for reference. 

Contact me for the perfect wedding experience. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What time will the stylist arrive at the location to prep?

I want to be there as early as possible to set up, prep and set the bride, get as much done before the photographers and video specialist get there . Usually the photographers prefer the bride to be at least partially done, to be able to get some great shots of family and friends time and the last thing you want is to rush the process. Remember I’m there till your dressed and ready to leave, so depending on your hairstyle prep time is crucial to your schedule. Timing will be discussed during our consultation.

How should I prepare for my hair trial?

Typically the session will last between 90 minutes to 2 hours. I require your hair to be washed, dried and free of products and styling tools for me to get the best of your trial. Keep in mind if i have to blow dry your wet hair that is considered an extra service along with your trial and I will have to charge. It is best is if your hair is clean, dry and free of products . This ensures we get the best of our time and maximize our possibilities.  It is recomended , but not required to have  a white tube top on or a white top and some makeup on to truly get a feel of the hairstlyes. Since most brides necklines are strapless or open concept design gowns , having the tube top or white top will give the most feel especially when deciding if loose hair or up do will work best.  Lastly having makeup on  for the trial will only compliment the hair trial and give you optimum results.

How many people can be accommodated?

This will depend on timing. I can typically accommodate the bride and up to 4 bridesmades. Larger parties can be accommodated as I have a network of talented hair stylists to help execute a larger number of guests.

Can you do touch-ups throughout my wedding day?

Touch ups​ can be done throughout your wedding day at an additional cost. Rates to be agreed upon consultation.

What do I do if my hair is too thin or not long enough for a certain look?

I am also a hair replacement/extension specialist. Depending on the foundation needed for your overall dream hairstyle I can custom create extensions  and or wigs.  For example, I had a bride who needed  thicker hair cause she had alopecia spots and felt insecure about it. I was able to create a crown  hairpiece that blended in perfectly to make her feel confident and secure.  A hairpiece she still wears today which makes me feel great. However if you have your own I will gladly work your wig , hairpiece or extension into your hair. Please keep in mind synthetic hair can do but so much so if providing your own extensions or hair piece 100 percent human hair is preferred. 

How can I schedule a trial run and can you come to me or do I come to you?

I am located in Jersey City, New Jersey and can provide a location to come to, but can also do your trial in the comfort of your Home as well. If I travel to you, depending on location a a traveling fee may be charged and will be discussed upon consultation.

What if I just want a simple blow dry?
This is a typical question being that some brides, bridesmaids, guest or anyone being serviced, May just want the simple blow dry, they don’t desire to have any pieces  pulled back or any braided half up style.  When we provide just blow outs,  We will blow out fresh  and shape with tools if needed, curl /flatten leaving it natural and loose. Keep in mind if u desire to now to pull into ponytail or pull back a few pieces  this is now considered updo territory and will be charged, usually between 15-25 dollars more added depending on what is needed , or if extensions will be used after the blowout 

Do you provide make up services as well?

While I strictly just provide hair related services, I do have network of makeup professionals I can refer you to.

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