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Hair extensions

Human hair extensions are the best accessory when thicker longer healthy hair is wanted.  It can feel so good to see it in the length of your dreams, or how you wished it would be that thick.  It can make you look years younger and can have your hair looking healthy and rich.

Clip on human hair falls or a one-quarter piece used to make a fuller longer length or a wrap around ponytail.

Sew in tracks can be done as well for the client needing a more permanent alternative. Whether with a closure or a leave out.  It will detail your new style

The following services are available: 

  • custom clip in human hair extensions: Human hair clip on Extensions help boost hair density instantly, give a pop of color and give you the length you want in minutes.  The great ease of clip-on human hair extensions is the look is instantly and can switch your look for an evening and not commit to having them in.   can be dyed to match your hair and can get a perfect match for your texture.

  • custom crown  extensions to cover alopecia spots: A crown piece is a top piece that covers 2 thirds of your hair and blends greatly with the hair left out. It can be for someone who has very thin hair and hair is so thin it can not cover hair extensions.its a great alternative to having full wigs and can look more natural.

  • sew in a hair extension method: Braidless sew in extensions are great when you want an undetachable flat extension method without the use of a braid

  • braided sew in: Braided sew in the extension are for the client looking to do a protective style and protect existing hair from elements and head damage. People choose to do sew in techniques to keep their hair in optimum shape avoiding having to wear and tear.

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